Fast Poetry for Rapid Readers

In the Internet without frontiers all User-Elements define innovations, create interaction and provide all the things called L.I.K.E. and H.A.T.E. to success so companies transform money and a vision. But these both four letter words have absolutely nothing to do with making and giving L.O.V.E. to somebody or that User-Elements had to be G.L.A.D. with their social experience. Unfortunately User-Elements act like nomads. Nomads settle and leave. Help to divide the little minds that already mentioned or recommended, example given: „The Affron - Thank you for being afraid“, „The Coming Collapse“, „Bull in a China Shop“ and „Scourge of Good“. What a beautiful mind! Auf Amazon +Folgen

Bashingtones 101 ⎮ Fast Poetry for Rapid Readers


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