The small Catechism of the Internet

Our real-time is threatened and with it also the real life that was just safe. This proves the momentous 97 propositions which are now under discussion. Under pressure to justify and in effort to explore the Internet without Frontiers (IwF) we invite you to a real challenge. Therefore, we asked those who cannot be present and verbally debated with us to record this in writing or to post with a reference to this work. This work can be considered a creed. The purpose is to unite not to divide the invisible hand of the State with the visible hand of the Webciety by acting in a symbiosis but to eliminate lobbyism and despots and their inversible influences, e.g. abuse, fraud, corruption and reprisals; stopped and revised by official Internet Committees that were elected which are composed of third-parity or have been entrusted with tasks by the state or citizens. Read German Version

The small Catechism of the Internet ⎮ Digital Constitution


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